EARTH – is truly  NATURES – PLANET ,.  At the beginning we trusted in Nature , not knowing that we totally missed the point !! .  During our Evolution we started to drift out of alignment with nature due to the help of science and medicine ; This was may have been a necessary evil to bring us to a new plateau  . Now science has caught up ,With the new guidance from  EPIGENETICS  : The New Science of Self-Empowerment , by Bruce H Lipton PhD  has given us a greater understanding of life and the true nature of humanity empowering us to take control of our own lives with true progression of our evolution with a new understanding of Nature , COOPERATION NOT COMPETITION  and that we are creators  of this world , bringing us the answers to some of life’s deepest mysteries  ;  Human potential  , we are at a new place in history . A new chance in making Humanity and life finally run in sync.


Our Logo with Earth , The Flower Of Life and the Hibiscus flower represents our mission and ongoing Quest to the Connection , Potential , Preservation  and Beauty of Humanity and Life . Providing you with up to date knowledge and Guidance on How to Change Your Life , Chase your dreams , Rejuvenate and Excel  in all aspects of your life  , with support and training from our online Courses , Community and  access to our Virtual online Coaching / Mentoring  ; Plus our range of  Specialized Associate Coaches , giving you everything you need right here , to Change Your Life ; Better Health , Control of Your Mind , Starting your own Business Chasing Your Dreams . Get started  on your journey to your new Amazing Long Life !

Created From Love And Zest For Life ,From New Life .”Our Children”

Our Quest for life started many years ago ; After finding each other we decided to Live a little  !; Have some fun !; Get to know each other better !; Expand our lives and hold off on the traditional way of doing things ,  try and develop a life  and a solid career together . Working hard to save money , we decided to start to go away on holiday  we traveled all over England grabbing every rush and all the  Wow’s  we could !;  My auntie had told me many stories about Barbados and its  beauty  much like Kent (southeast England)  but without the heat and extreme brightness , so for a couple of years  We decided to go there !;   It was Beautiful just as she had told us, I never got over just how bright and hot it was that first experience walking down the steps off the plane , i thought the heat was from the engines and man was is bright . The people were there were outgoing and truly friendly the vibe was amazing  ,  On one of our first trips out , we went on the Atlantis Submarine !!, which appeared right in front of us , out of the deep blue sea , two miles off shore ,This was without a doubt a Wow moment ! even though playing the Titanic Theme tune , whilst passing a sunken ship was a bit cheesy , it was something else !  A Truly  stunning experience  !! As was Harrison’s Cave  not nearly as cool but still a sight to see , it much resembled  Chislehurst Caves and parts of the Wookey hole here in England  with it’s stalagmites and stalactites !! Amazing and Wow was the theme for everything else we decided to do and see . 

This was the place  where we would learn all about , Aloe Vera and its many  HEALTH AND BEAUTY  benefits , This was back when Aloe Vera was still a new thing , we had taken a trip to Union Island to catch a boat to sail round the Grenadines and whilst onboard not having a hat and new to extreme sunlight all around you  i burnt my head to such an extent there was about fifteen / twenty blisters , stopping at Palm Island popped into the only shop to buy a hat L.o.L , the lady in the shop kindly offered to apply some Aloe , it felt cool and soothing , i asked her to sell me the bottle she said okay and told me not to rub it in ,so  we stuck the hat on and left it there ,  the rest of the day and night , by the morning the blisters had all gone , lucky for me ; it looked like a third degree burn. So on our return home we started using it on a regular basis Night and Day , even through the winter , it was great protection against wind , a great all over skin conditioner , after a while we were also managing to grow it from seed ;.

Actually having the chance to have fun and experience some really amazing things and places enabling us to enjoy life in a different way , We fell in love !, got lost ,Torn between family back Home and the Beauty and serenity of the Caribbean , Then the holiday company started offering holiday connections to Grenada , which was a short flight from Barbados  ;  Grenada The island of spice , Pure Tranquility and Beauty , less developed but that feeling of true bliss and life .   Every year we would return , eventually  a sort of direct flight , via a stop off in Tobago , back to the Island of Spice ,  we would recover from that years trials and stress . Mixing with the rich and famous , learning from them and sharing stories  around the Poolside  , Bar and on the beach , These turned out to be very informative and interesting , at the same time creating new friendships with the staff  their friends and  family who came to accept us as Grenadians , They taught us about their food , Natural cures and the Islands plants and Tree’s  like  Moringa Oleifera which grew everywhere this turned out to be a wonder . We would start to use this also on our return home . Each year  to return we would go through a great struggle , slave to life and the system , was making us sick , Lou was all ready dealing with Asthma and eczema  and i had developed  I,B,S  From constant Stress at work . Constantly having to be somewhere at a certain time  , conforming to nonsense rules , bad Managers , unfair and unreasonable goals  , this was soul bearing !! . But the goal at the end of the year was so great , it made us try to get into shape ready for that beach look , while also  trying to get  answers to our health issues , This would be the start to the expansion of our applied knowledge and after a while the discovery of the  Three G’s  as mentioned in the Your Body  section , This combined with the Moringa  and applying Aloe on a daily basis was giving us new found health and focus , to the extent that they are part of our daily regime to date , also growing a crop of one of the three G’s and Aloe Vera has become very important to us , check out the  Create Your Garden  section

After Ten years we had our first beautiful daughter,  the unexpected arrival of pregnancy and the realization of being as they say “Old Parents”  made us make radical changes in the way we took care of our selves ; With the new found need for health for us and a baby , we started to research everything on what is said to kill you at all ages and what was being said about staying , getting and being healthy . Night and day we studied , any bit of time we could grab to gain more knowledge. Two years later we were blessed with our second beautiful baby girl . This increased the need for knowledge of Longevity .


This  Quest  for knowledge became extensive covering many aspects of life which some of these were constantly changing this gave cause for a close eye to be kept on things . On this journey we discovered  that many things were connected , joining these dots helped us discover many hidden secrets of health and vitality  the whole body connection . We decided that the information we had discovered and personally used was to important  and should share what we have learnt , with you ! . So we have created  Natures-Planet ; The pursuit of  Longevity and your place to come and study with us to reach your true potential .This will be a legacy for our girls to join us and continue on giving there side of a younger focus.  We have collated all the information into several sections ,so you too can absorb certain principles and apply them to your life as we have ;  learn the knowledge to empower yourself extending or eliminating your boundaries and changing your life  guiding you on your path to a longer , healthier , happier life . Natures-Planet is the first pillar of a greater Journey of which we hope you will join us on , One that will create the Foundation of Life , a University with its study focused on  the potential of all life !