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Enhancing your life can be as complex or as simple as you require  depending on what you want to enhance , Like Life in general ,Your Mind , Amazing Health and Vitality or Over coming  health issues ,that you thought you were stuck with for life. This  can take some time and effort  but is possible , for now there are some things to help you out and get you started, like our Rejuvenating ! Herbs / Plants and the right mix of vitamins and minerals so your body can perform how and when you expect it to . Enhance your focus and cognition , Train  your mind  to keep you healthy and Then set it on your  mission of success , Learn Heart / Mind  coherence , tap into your intuition  and  get in control of your life . In these sections  we cover all the aspects of life enhancement and Longevity , from certain principals of life that you should absorb ,  to the knowledge of how things affect us and what we can do , to the practical application . If you need more guidance or you are a bit overwhelmed  then jump on a Quest Course to get a better understanding of what you need to know or do ! If you have personal issues that are holding you back then  , Let Us Help ! and we will personally assist you !! As we continue on Our Quest the website will grow as will these and other sections .

Knowledge Is Power Self learnt and Implied Knowledge is



Nicola Tesla said if you want to find The Secret's to the Universe , Think in terms of Energy , Frequency and Vibration

Flower Of Life
Flower Of Life

The oldest image on the planet
Learn the greatest secrets hidden within and its divine connection to us !


Vital Energy found everywhere in nature also known as Life Force , Prana , Either, Chi currently know as the Zero Point or Torsion Field


On our journey through life we are generally precautious , due to our innate survival instinct , taking care to cross the road , Looking and listening to our surroundings ; General awareness ! This is great for our self protection from eminent danger , but has created many health problems with the fight flight or freeze nervous system response , now that eminent danger being replaced by either  your boss , job or mothering law  , almost keeping us in a state of fear , this plus a lack in self care is helping us get old ;  !

 You probably look after your car , pets or your house better than you look after your self . So maybe its time to start taking the initiative and precautions (Pre-care) (awareness of what your body needs in general before you give it the wrong things continually and make it’s job difficult or even impossible) , for your state of health to come , rather than waiting for that fast / slow train to take you to the end of the line depending on how bad your habits are !!!

Knowing yourself is the beginning to healing yourself

  The General Health Community states that most people will die of some kind of health problem , Long-term , Short-term , Underlying , Hereditary diseases at (1%) and occasionally Unknown most of these are Stress related , Stress being the biggest killer of all  . This gives us a chance to change the course of things to come , as stress is caused by things like ;

Life ; are there things or people in your life that are , holding you back or even stopping you from being happy or is it Your job or work colleague  that is making you sick , physically or mentally.

Us ,  Are you living in fear , do you worry to much or overthink every situation , What do you tell yourself ; when you have something wrong do you remind yourself or tell people , confirming it to yourself   

Are Choices !;This is probably the Most Important topic in Health , Life and Longevity . All choices can be seen as a health choice !!!  Are you ignoring the obvious ! That to much of anything  known to be bad for you is most likely  going to lead  to some kind of condition , do you stop and think about  the implications of the choices you are making .

All of these which can be changed and corrected , if left these could end up as a root cause to some form of Dis-ease  . Another common issue is , low H.R.V (Heart Rate Variability)  lack of resilience to change or  DIS-EASE , our inability to cope with things  causing stress and even your own mind has everything it needs to keep you sick , if your  constantly telling it the wrong things it could kill you to !.


Just when you thought you knew everything about breathing , There is More to know !!


Practicing a calm state of being , to become aware of ones self , Discover a technique that suits you !

RE balance

The governing aspect of all life !

coconut oil

  In These  Section’s , We will show you that good health can be achieved  and maintained ; By following simple routines and reading the information to help guide you , with the adoption of a new /mindset for your health , Which will keep you on  track for your new long life ; Adopting this mindset ,will be the first of many in this work and with it  bringing  you the path to LONGEVITY .

To find yourself you must think for yourself

Now with  Science of the new millennium  or Quantum Physics  gives us The Quantum Model Of Reality and Epigenetics ,  how the cells of your body are effected by your thoughts and feelings . This tells us that to maintain healthy cells there are governing factors  and things your body needs , This information is held in the Your-body ,Your-Mind and Your-Environment sections,  these range from good hydration , the right mix of food , Sleep ,Exercise , Clean air and sunlight  ! The right  Vitamins / Minerals and your environment , internal and external , What you put on your skin , What you put into your body  .  Activities you do that create  positive and negative stress , What your breathing in like toxins , fumes , down to how you breath  and  Love !!  , You must  Love Life ,  Someone , something or both !!. Love is one of the main Key’s to LONGEVITY .

conscious mind


Learn about frequency and the universe inside , Learn the knowledge contained within the Flower Of Life , Learn about Orgone energy , Re-learn about breathing , Meditate , Gain Balance in your Body Mind and Soul , Learn how to re program your sub conscious , How to obtain Heart / Mind Harmony , Re-Vibe your life often , If you struggle take a Quest or Let Us Help , then start your own path , be Inspired to emulate Greatness and then Inspire others to do the same !